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Updated: Aug 31, 2019

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Endometriosis: A Key to Healing Through Nutrition - Dian Shepperson Mills MA & Michael Vernon PhD HCLD.

I’m not religious, but when it comes to the endo bible I make an exception.

I received two copies of this book within the space of about two weeks - one from my auntie in Australia and another from a very caring ex. I can safely say these were up there with the best gifts I have ever received (and probably will ever receive). 

This book has helped me to understand this little endo body of mine and, more importantly, it taught me how to do a damn thing about it. The book focuses on nutrition and it is from this book that I have started to adapt my diet. I've also picked up broader lifestyle changes, but more on that later.

So if you or a loved one suffers with endometriosis (or if you’re just a really cool, curious kind of fella) then I would highly recommend a read. 

I’ll be honest, like most religious writings, the endo bible loses me at times. I’ve never been hot on science-y things and this gets pretty science-heavy at times. That said, it’s all useful stuff and 90% of it is totally digestible. The best part: each chapter has a little bullet point synopsis so if you’re confused/ a little lazy then this is the absolute dream. 

If you can’t be arsed reading it cover to cover (totally understandable, I won't judge), at least glance over these few recommended best bits: 

1. Describing and Measuring Pain: page 56. This is an infinity useful tool. This seemingly basic chart of adjectives can make all the difference when trying to describe your symptoms and pain scale to a practitioner. It turns "just very bloody sore" into "flashing", "gnawing" and "aching". Often times it is hard to accurately and effectively describe pain to another person who, with all the best will in the world, cannot ever feel your pain. All we can do is learn how best to describe what we feel so as to get the diagnosis/treatment we need.

2. Suboptimal v Ideal Diet: page 252. The endo bible can be heavy at times and (not surprisingly since it's kind of in the name) a lot of nutritional information can be thrown at you. I found this stark and simple contrast between a not-so-great diet and a really-pretty-great diet really easy to digest (ba-doom-boom-tsch). All jokes aside, if you're looking for some quick starter tips before diving into the nitty gritty - look no further.

3. The Glossary: page 369. This isn't a joke. Admittedly, it's not a page-turner or likely to win the Pulitzer Prize, but the glossary is a perfect weapon to have at your disposal when you are going through the endo journey (pre or post diagnosis). So many words are thrown around by specialists in hospitals, literature and online. It's pretty useful to figure out what they're actually on about. You can't do the best by you if you aren't on an even playing field with the professionals. This is how I do that. I refer back to the bible glossary.

Update: throughout September I will be testing out the chronic pain coping strategies suggested by the Chronic Pain Outreach Association in America (page 61 of the bible) - look forward to lots of deep breathing and general feelings of zen.

Thanks for sticking with me. Endo and out.

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